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I’d love to hear from you. My aim is to write stories that will help someone escape from the pressures of this old world, learn something they didn’t know before, and have a bit more hope or a few more chuckles than they did before they began reading.

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Newly Published

The Last Show on Earth

The Last Show on Earth is now live on Kindle and Smashwords, 10-25-11; $1.99

Earth has been void of men, women, and children for over 3 millennia. Alien supplicants visit the shrines dedicated to the histories and memories of the race they destroyed. Humans were an interesting race, almost obscene with their intense emotions and constant disregard for authority. But now they are safely sealed in The Book, the dioramas of historical enactments that serve as part of the sacraments of the universe of the conquerors. Or are they?

Recently Published

Angel Unaware

Angel Unaware is now live on Kindle and Smashwords, 7-27-11; $1.99

Adam is an angel who doesn't know he is an angel. An internal voice that provides him with information and guidance, strange coincidences that make things work out a certain way and a burning on his tongue if he uses coarse language are all normal to him. In this first volume of a series, Adam is directed to the Ozarks to intercept an insane ex-husband on his way to kill his ex-wife and little girl. Adam's adventure includes a brief side issue in addition to the primary mission. His adventure prove that coincidences often are not, that justice is a good thing and that God has a sense of humor. All-in-all, Adam is one interesting and endearing angel.

The Amazing Einstein

The Amazing Einstein is now live on Kindle, 7-15-11; $.99

Was there another side to the extraordinary intellect that we don't know about? Take a turn down this fictional path to explore The Amazing Einstein and his "magic."

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